If you got a team of the greatest children’s book writers in the world together, they couldn’t invent Greenlandic folk pop singer Nive Nielsen. In her case at least, band bios are simply stranger than fiction. A few facts about her: The first concert she ever played was for the queen of Denmark on national television; she acted in the Hollywood movie The New World starring Colin Farrell; and she actually is Inuit — well, Inuk — an indigenous Greenlander. Also, it’s daylight all summer where she lives.

A few more facts: She plays a little red ukulele in a band called the Deer Children with her boyfriend, multi-instrumentalist “Cowboy Jan.” She writes songs about love and reindeer and forgetting to make coffee. She won an IMA independent music award in the US, worked with Howe Gelb and John Parish and friends from such indie royalty outfits as The Black Keys and Wolf Parade. Really, I’m not making it up. What’s even more surprising is that her fanciful back story is matched by her own ability to tell stories or sometimes just hint at them with her warm, reedy voice. Sometimes she sings out with and old-timey quaver; sometimes she sings in a soft, childlike murmur. The songs themselves are straight out of a storybook that never was. They could be from anywhere, and they are hard to place in time. They are hummable folk melodies with a streak of vocal jazz, or cowboy ballads with an elfin side. They have a way of sticking in your mind — and not just because they were written by the only Greenlandic Inuit indie ukulele player that you can think of off hand. Snow Songs? Inuit Indie? Do check them out!

NIVE SINGS! (Listen here)

Some info about my record “nive sings!”: I ‘ve been asked quite some times now who ‘s playing on my songs (besides me and Cowboy Jan that is) and since my record ..s now finished I figured I oughta give some loud shouts and thank yous to all the amazing people who..ve helped. Here goes… “Nive Sings!” was recorded in Montreal, Bristol, San Francisco, Ghent, Tucson and also our attic in Nuuk. On it there..s good folks like John Parish, Alain Auger, Mr. Howe Gelb, thee amazing Ralph Carney, Matt Bauer, my pals Lisa Gamble (do check out gambletron and evangelista), Giselle Webber and Alden Penner (clues! rules), Eric Craven (from ao Hangedup), Mr. Patrick C (the Black Keys), and Arlen T (wolf parade). The inimitable Mister Eric Matthews helped a great lot also. Tchad Blake mixed the whole thing, and Adam Ayan mastered. Love you guys!

Nive Nielsen

Hi there! My name is Nive.  I am an Inuk, an eskimo from Nuuk, Greenland. I make songs and play ‘em with my band, mostly on a little red guitar-ukulele. I love playing, and singing,  and cowboy boots. And walking in the snow, too. My songs are about the things I’m scared of and the things I adore.  Like ghost-bugs and naughty reindeer… coffee- boys?
What else…. I’ve pretty much been living all over the place these days. It’s been awesome.  Yup!  Anyhow, I hope you like my songs.  Please tell me what you think!

The Deer Children

are jan de vroede on whatever lies around , mostly stuff with keys and strings + lisa gamble  on musical saw, banjo, trumpet, vocals and wickedly weird electronic texture devices+ filip wauters on all kinds of guitars+ aarich jespers on drums+ tim vandenbergh on bass and tuba. and tim lenssens makes it all sound good.

The Deer Family

thøger t. lund/peter dombernowsky/anders pedersen/ralph carney/alain auger/tom pintens/jen reimer/johs heilman/nikolaj heyman/eric craven/john parish/eric matthews/alden penner/arlen thompson/Lenn dauphin/sage reynolds/nathan cage/jeremy riehl/giselle webber/marc nicol/angu motzfelt/brooke crouser/lenny p. robert & howe gelb


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