Low Cost Website and Music App Design Services

Low Cost Website and Music App Design Services

 It’s not hard to find a low cost, high quality web designer on the internet these days. WordPress website creation is rampant, and you can easily find someone to slap on a decent template and put together a good looking website for a hundred dollars or less. The beauty of WordPress is that it incorporates a simple design process, which allows you to understand exactly what to expect from the designer. With a little bit of research, you can supply everything needed to your designer so he or she may complete your website on time, within a small budget and as exactly as you want it.

 In US some companies over charge their clients because the client have no clue that a wp theme can be found online from sites like themeforest for under a $100. Web design companies in Malta like Keen LTD

Here is a Step-by-Step Detailed guide to order a cheap website:

1)  DOMAIN NAME:  Choose and register your own domain name. You can just use the 99 cent Godaddy coupon for this. Renewals may be costlier as compared to other companies but initially you don’t have to pay more than a dollar. You’d hopefully be making some decent money that you won’t find the renewal costs too troublesome. However, NameCheap is a good option as well.

2)  WEBSITE DESIGN:  You should check out the web and choose a template you want used as your website design.  This is a simple process of looking over all the different designs available, and selecting the one that suits you best. Make sure you chose a theme that is mobile responsive. After you establish yourself in the market, you can go and create a mobile app. Keen mobile applications is a great mobile app service you can have a closer look at for examples.

For example, do you want a video on your home page, or do you want your blog posts to show on your homepage? Pick a design that appeals to you, and always think “as if you are YOUR customer” when you pick one.  If you are in any doubt, just browse templates by your business category and you will eventually find one that looks good. You can always ask your web designer to show you his collection of templates to save on additional costs.

3)  CONFIRM SITE REQUIREMENTS:  Make sure you know what you want on your website. Making changes later will cost you more money. Confirm your order details with your designer and let him know exactly what you want. Since any further changes or special conditions, would be paid prior to your order being commenced.

4)  AGREE & PAY:  Always find a trusted source. Read reviews and make sure that the person you are dealing with is not going to scam you. A legitimate freelance web designer will always have good reviews and a good digital marketing company will always present a contract. Once you receive your signed Letter of Confirmation email and send the payment, your work should commence immediately.

5)  FIRST REVISION:  Usually within about 2-3 days the company or the freelancer will send you a temporary draft site and ask for your feedback and then if you have any change requests, they will then make those changes for you.

6)  MAINTENANCE PROGRAMS:   If you require any ongoing maintenance programs, make sure to lodge that request and your designer will provide you with a maintenance package to suit your needs and budget. 

7)  ONGOING SUPPORT:  A good company will always offer email support. Always take advantage of that and don’t hesitate to voice your concerns.