Why you should rent a villa for your Gozo vacation

Why you should rent a large villa for your Gozo vacation

While there are many amazing destinations along the Mediterranean, few are as fascinating as the little island of Gozo. One of the several islands of the Maltese archipelago, Gozo has a charm that keeps attracting visitors to explore its historical architecture, peaceful countryside and pristine beaches. Should you chose to enjoy the Mediterranean sun from Gozo, you may want to consider a villa for your stay. Tucked in Qala, Nadur, Xewkija and the other villages, are plenty of villas to rent in Gozo. Most are three to four-bedroom villas that can sleep six to eight guests. But why choose a villa over a resort or hotel during your stay especially if you are travelling with children?

There are many benefits to renting a villa: the most obvious one being the privacy you enjoy since you have a villa all to yourself whether you are on a romantic getaway or on a family vacation. With a villa, there are no noisy guests or queues to make at meal times or a constant struggle for the best placed sun loungers. It is exclusive and it is all yours.

Another reason to rent a villa is that you get to run on your own schedule. You have the flexibility to either catch sun rays by the pool at the villa or at the beach or you can visit any of Gozo’s spectacular sites such as the Ggantija temples or the Citadella without the pressure of keeping to any schedule. There are no meal times to adhere as in the case of hotels and resorts – it is your holiday, you set the pace.

Contrary to popular belief, staying at a villa is in fact more cost effective than staying at a hotel. In the case of a family or a group of friends, booking separate rooms can be expensive. However should they stay at a villa, the cost can be spread among them leading to savings on accommodation, with the added advantage of exclusivity. Moreover, services at a hotel such as room service, Wi-Fi use or drinks at a minibar tend to increase the overall cost of a hotel stay which is more reason to look for Gozo villas to rent. Karkanja Gozo houses are always on the move to provide the absolute best property on the market. Given the space that guests get to enjoy and the amenities offered at a villa, it is indeed great value for money.

With any of the villas to rent in Gozo, it is all about personalisation. You can choose from a rustic villa to a fabulously luxurious one. There are many self-catering villas which are excellent for people who have food allergies or with specific food preferences. If you wish, a private chef can prepare meals for you so that your holiday can be all about relaxation.

Gozo villas to rent are an excellent accommodation choice for honeymooners looking for some alone time or for families or a small group of friends on vacation. It guarantees privacy for guests, offers convenience and flexibility, and is overall great value for money.